Introduction to Satellite Remote Sensing I / December 2021

Participants can find a short introduction to GitHub software here. 

                                                Training materials                                    


In this module, participants will be introduced to Remote Sensing (RS) concepts such as electromagnetic spectrum (EM), and different types of remote sensing systems and sensors and their applications: satellite imagery, bands, hyperspectral, and environmental data, products and sources.

                                               Module 1 – Training materials                                         
                                               Post-module 1 Survey

In this module, participants will familiarize themselves with Google Earth Engine (GEE) software and using GEE for remote sensing applications.

                                               Module 2 – Training materials                                             
                                               Post-module 2 Survey

In this module, participants will learn some common indices and environmental variables and their roles in remote sensing data. They will get acquainted with the formulation, use/purpose, and significance of indices in Remote Sensing.

                                               Module 3 – Training materials                                      
                                               Post-module 3 Survey

In this module, participants will learn to use indices in simple classification; accuracy & metrics.

                                               Module 4 – Training materials                                             
                                               Post-module 4 Survey
                                               Anonymous post-training survey