Land Use Suitability Analysis with QGIS Tools / June 2021

In this module, participants will be installing QGIS and PyLUSAT. They also will learn how to load LUCIS-OPEN Tools for QGIS. By doing so they will familiarize with the user interface of QGIS 3.10.8. They also work on visualizing GIS data and creating maps.

                                               Module 1 – Training materials                                             
                                               Post-module 1 Survey

In this module, participants will get to know the function of each LUCIS-OPEN Tools for QGIS. They will familiarize themselves with the parameters of tools and will learn to process data with appropriate tools.

                                                Module 2 - Training materials
                                        Post-module 2 Survey

In this module, participants will learn to build suitability models with LUCIS-OPEN tools for QGIS in the Graphical Modeler. They will also learn the details and the logic behind the suitability models for Row Crops.


                                          Module 3 - Training materials
                                          Post-module 3 Survey

In this module, participants will understand further the LUCIS framework. They will also learn about the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and apply various weights assignment methods to make land-use decisions.

                                           Module 4 - Training materials
                                           Post-module 4 Survey
                                                   Anonymous post-training survey